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IDOLS: A Web Exclusive World Tour

Situating iconic imagery in cross-contextual dialogue with billboards, megaliths and masterpieces.

From it’s gallery walls to the Great Wall of China, Morrison Hotel Gallery invites you to hit the road with Idols, a web-exclusive world tour-seven continents and more than a 50+ years iconic imagery through irreverent virtual renderings.

Playing on portrait tradition, conventional sites of exhibition, and the pangs of wanderlust presently felt worldwide, Idols reframes the works of internationally-acclaimed photographers such as Terry O’Neill, Peter Hujar, Lynn Goldsmith, Bob Gruen and Timothy White via creative new concepts. Like uncanny postcards of iconic worlds colliding, Idols ushers in a new age of virtual expression as this fine art activation makes its way to on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

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Follow @IdolsWorldTour on Instagram as we explore what it means to take these legendary works of modern portraiture beyond their Morrison Hotel Gallery home and into the “real” world.

Content shared in association with Morrison Hotel Gallery.

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