Iconic Rock Images As Evidence

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Icon Rock Images by Ethan Russell

“Some of my most outrageous nights– I can only believe actually happened because of corroborating evidence.” Keith Richards

Never short on dinner-party anecdotes or indelible imagery, Ethan Russell is a multi-Grammy nominated photographer & director whose exceptional work spans the gamut from album covers for the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who to that legendary rooftop farewell performance by the Beatles and beyond.

Following the 2019 release of his long-awaited and critically-acclaimed monograph, Best Seat In The House, Russell sits down with Morrison Hotel Gallery to share a glimpse into those historic sessions and more for the Sunday, May 24, 2020 Instagram Live at 2pm EDT premiere of Behind The Lens, Episode 19.

In anticipation, Ethan Russell is offering a 15% discount on the purchase of three of his Morrison Hotel Gallery best-sellers in a 16x20 print size! Take advantage of this special offer, valid now through Sunday, May 24, 11PM PDT. #morrisonhotelgallery

“It struck me that his was no ordinary eye, and I found out no ordinary mind behind it. A quiet thoughtful man with a blinding vision. Enjoy his work. I do.” Keith Richards


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All content shared via express written consent by Morrison Hotel Gallery.

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